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Labelled cheese from our French dairy industry

At Sodiaal Fromages Solutions, food is above all a matter of passion, sharing, and know-how. This is why our cheeses have been developed according to a quality charter that contributes to preserving our dairy industry and our business. Committed to offering manufacturers products born from the wealth of our regions, we rely on the expertise […]

24 November 2021

We are committed to promoting better eating habits by supporting organic farming and Clean Label actions!

Offering products that better respect human health and the environment, is one of the challenges that our French dairy cooperative, Sodiaal, set itself several years ago which it daily strives to meet by manufacturing, for example, organic French cheeses and cheese preparations without emulsifying salt, through its various businesses which include Sodiaal Fromages Solutions! But […]

26 July 2021


17 May 2021

Processed cheese

24 February 2021

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