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Geographical origin and “premiumisation”

At a time when transparency and traceability are among the main concerns of consumers, the territorial anchorage is more than ever at the heart of their expectations. More than a French origin, consumers are now fond of a certified geographical origin such as PDO or PGI products. A locavore movement that is intensifying and seducing more and more, especially among “millennials” lovers of local and artisanal products.

The “premium” reorientation of the food sector is therefore reflected in a frantic focus on the quality and authenticity of the products used. It is often in the first place a selection of raw materials handpicked that increases the singularity and added value of the final product (eg via certified cheese).

Today consumers buy for the promise of a moment of pleasure, a little enchanted parenthesis, an experience apart that breaks the routine.
At the time of “conso-therapy”, the added value of the products is also in the emotion that they provide and in the story they tell through their place of origin and the know-how that surrounds them. fabrications.


Our solutions: our range of certified cheeses. A great opportunity to enhance your recipes, give them character and showcase a local cheese subject to strict specifications where quality and traceability are the key words.

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