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Health benefits of cheese

It is impossible to escape the natural and -free trend that is taking hold of the agri-food industry in 2018. Why? To satisfy consumers who want to eat healthy, and cheese can meet the new expectations of your customers in this area.

Gluten-free? Yes. Cooked, fermented, soft, pressed… most cheeses do not contain gluten. In case of celiac disease (gluten intolerance), cheeses washed with beer, breaded cheeses, or flavoured cheeses, the aromas of which may contain a small amount of gluten, should be avoided.

Lactose-free? Yes. Most cheeses do not contain lactose as it disappears during ripening.

Vegetarian? Yes. Some cheeses contain animal-derived rennet to help milk curdle. However, rennet can also be of microbial origin, and curdling can also be achieved using plants, such as fig, alfalfa, milk thistle, or ryegrass. These cheeses are therefore compatible with a vegetarian diet.

Low-salt? Cheese does contain salt, but it can still be included in a low-salt diet. Refer to the nutrition label on the packaging: Emmental contains 0.5-0.8 grams of salt per 100 g of cheese, less than 0.3 g of salt per 30 g serving.

New sources of protein? Some cheeses can contain up to 36 % protein (e.g. Parmesan which is very dense). As we do not eat as much cheese as meat, intake is to be weighted according to the quantity eaten, but, on average, uncooked pressed cheese contains 26 % protein and soft cheese about 20 %.

Healthy snacking. How about some cheese? It can be eaten at different times of the day: at breakfast or for a full and balanced meal, a tasty break, sweet break, or light snack. Cheese clearly has its place at any time of the day, and, in addition to being healthy (no preservatives, short list of ingredients), cheese is a tasty ingredient for all those small snacks invading the shelves.

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