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PDO specification charts are a token of quality

Protected Designation of Origin is the eldest of quality classification certificates.

There are 45 cheeses that bear it with pride, like the Comté AoP, the Beaufort AoP and the Cantal AoP. Those 3 distinguished letters vouch for a cheese that comes from a specific geographic region and whose quality stems from distinct features of that region due to human and natural factors.

70% of people prefer basic food which has not been too processed to avoid any kind of suspicion about the products. Indeed, consumers are looking for guarantees, for signs of evidence of the origin of the products.

If you put together a place of origin, a specific know-how and some traditions, you get the AoP.

The certification sets down official rules and standards to be obeyed when producing cheese. If you don’t obey the rules, you do not get an AoP.

For instance, in order to call your cheese Fourme d’Ambert AoP, you must ensure among other things that the production of the milk and cheese, the feeding of the animals, and the processing and ageing of the cheese all happen within a specific production zone. That production zone is determined according to geographic, physical and historical features. In point of fact, AoP cheeses must prove they have a history. A history that has made the cheese what it is, ending up giving it distinctive features in terms of shape, appearance, texture and taste.

Accordingly AoP dairy products offer a great diversity of flavours, while providing authentic products that are specific to one terroir and which show a genuine gastronomic heritage.

Terroir means a balance between a geographic zone with its agronomic, geological and climatic features, and the know-how acquired by Man in order to extract all of its possible benefits.

Nowadays, all AoP products can be identified through a red and yellow logo, affixed to the cheese’s packaging or label, which acts as proof of authenticity.

Our solutions: Sodiaal Fromages Solutions is part of France’s leading dairy cooperative.

On the strength of the deep networking it nurtures throughout France’s farming and cheese-producing communities, we can provide you with a wide range of AoP cheeses.

Our cooperative makes it possible for us to trace a cheese all the way from the cow’s udder, in keeping with an approach that monitors the cheese from pitchfork to table fork.

The Sodiaal Cooperative stands by its farmers to provide cheese-based and dairy solutions that are suitable for your needs.

With our wide range of traditional, melted and AoP cheeses you will satisfy the demand for transparency in product origin and quality which you have promised to your consumers.

Bring a touch of character to your recipes using our labelled cheeses!

With their functionalities, their taste and the cuts specifically tailored to your needs, they will provide your recipes with powerful, fragrant flavours. Those flavours will then beautifully liven up your various culinary preparations like cream sauces, gratins, pasta, quiches or pizzas, salads, sandwiches or a risotto.

In other words, we can provide cheese-based solutions for all uses.

Please click here for further explanations: your uses.

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