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Real expectations on geographical proximity

Faced with concerns about globalisation and moderate economic growth, consumers are increasingly focusing on the local origin of food. By choosing regional and local products, they show economic patriotism and foster the development of the local economy and agriculture. The desire to recreate urban-rural linkages reappeared a few years ago in France, and this growing demand for products incorporating local produce from French regions is a fantastic opportunity for the agri-food sector.

Effectively, many more offers incorporating French and regional produce are appearing on supermarket shelves, and they are very popular. Approximately a third of French people think that buying products from their region is a guarantee of quality. However, this belief is no longer their only reason; the search for geographical proximity is driven by three motivations.

On the one hand, the first motivations are linked and correspond to the desire to support the local or national economy and, on the other hand, to control the origin of supply.

Today, French people pay close attention where their food comes from; as such, traceability has become essential when making a buying decision in-store.

The third motivation is more personal because it is related to a desire for taste and quality. In consumer representations, eating local also serves a more ecological purpose: locally produced food has travelled less and therefore pollutes the planet less; it also guarantees freshness.
For consumers, these local products guarantee both organoleptic (taste, texture, smell) and health (health risk) quality.

This local and regional trend is expected to continue in the future, driven by increasing ethical concerns about the environment and local employment.

Opportunities for you, agri-food professionals:

– Provide information on the traceability of the ingredients used to make your recipes.

Our solutions

We offer labelled cheese (PDO Cantal, PDO Beaufort, PDO Ossau-Iraty, PGI Gruyère, etc.) that meets the label’s stringent specifications. In addition, all our cheeses are made from milk produced by our cooperative’s dairy farmers and is 100 % French.

– Develop recipes based on seasonal products.

Our solutions

We offer cheeses for your winter recipes (Raclette, Fourme d’Ambert, Reblochon cream, etc.) and your summer recipes (ewe’s milk cheese, Grana shavings, Gruyère, etc.). Our extensive cheese offering allows us to offer tailored solutions for all your seasonal recipes.

– Showcase ingredients from a specific region used in your recipes.

Our solutions

A lot of our cheeses are rooted in the traditions and craftsmanship of a specific region in France. For example, our Tomme des Pyrénées complies with protected geographical indication (PGI) specifications.

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