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Transparency: a core food issue

Today, the need for authenticity, simplicity, and the essential is at the heart of the concerns of many consumers. The need for a return to simple, essential, and tangible things exists in all areas of social behaviour and especially in food consumption.

In recent years, the various food scandals (mad cow disease, horse meat lasagna, and palm oil) have made consumers suspicious, and eating now seems dangerous. Eight in ten French people think that it is likely that certain foods are dangerous for their health. This has resulted in a shift towards simple and unprocessed foods to avoid the risk of consuming harmful ingredients.

Taking care of themselves has become a priority for many consumers.

As such, it is not surprising that consumers no longer blindly choose products they have no information on; a need for reassurance regarding the products they buy has emerged, and this requires more transparency. Information on the traceability and origin of the product as well as its manufacturing process is now indispensable.

For the French, a product is authentic by its composition (its ingredients and its material), by its manufacturing process, and by its origin. Knowing all this information has become essential in French consumer behaviour today.


Our solutions

Sodiaal Fromages Solutions offers PDO, PGI, Freedom label cheeses (PGI & Freedom Label French Emmental, PGI Gruyère, PDO Comté, PDO Roquefort , PDO Brie de Meaux, etc.). All our cheeses are subject to reliable quality regulations guaranteeing a selection of quality cheese products.
We control the entire cheese-making process, from the dairy farm to the finished product on the market, to guarantee full transparency and traceability of our products.

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